SRO – Star Riders of Ontario (SRO)
Executive and Council are interchangeable terms
The organization shall be known as;

A Member shall be any person who has satisfactorily made application through the Northern Stars and such Application shall include membership in the Star Riders of Ontario. Any Member may be removed from Star Riders of Ontario in cases of gross misconduct, unlawful behavior, or any other cases which, after review by the Executive Members of the Star Riders of Ontario Council, warrant said removal.
A Member shall be any person who owns a motorcycle. A Member shall have one vote in the event a matter comes before the general membership.

The officers of the Star Riders of Ontario Executive shall include President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. In addition, there may be Councilors serving as ancillary officers to assist in the administration of the SRO in roles such as forum moderator(s), advertising representative(s), marketing director(s), newsletter editor, membership director, Legal Counsel; Director Coordinator and Council advisor(s), and in such other positions as are deemed necessary. These officers and councilors together shall constitute the Star Riders of Ontario Executive.
The duties of the SRO Council shall be to act in all matters put forth for the operation and well-being of the Star Riders of Ontario; to properly investigate and present to the Star Riders of Ontario membership relevant business and activity situations.
The duties of the President shall be to preside at all stated meetings of the Star Riders of Ontario as are practicable; have general supervision of the affairs of the Star Riders of Ontario; to appoint any person or committee not otherwise ordered by the Council; assist all other officers and councilors in the performance of their duties; and to actively promote the Star Riders of Ontario and its activities to both current and prospective members and the public.
The duties of the Vice President shall be to perform all the duties of the President in the event of the absence of the President.
The duties of the Secretary shall be to keep records of the Star Riders of Ontario; to handle club correspondence as directed by the Council; and other duties which normally fall to this office.
Council must have a minimum of 5 council members to be a voting council.
All matters put forth by council for voting must meet the follow criteria;
If a motion is made by email correspondence only the said motion is made and properly seconded, a seven day information period will be required before going to a vote of the Executive.
If a motion is made in person at a meeting of the executive, the seven day information period shall be waived.
The duties of the Treasurer shall be to collect receipts and make disbursements of all Star Riders of Ontario funds; maintain accurate records of such funds; provide financial reports to the Council on a timely basis; and other duties which normally fall to this office.
The duties of the other councilors shall be to maintain a presence on the Star Riders of Ontario Internet site and forum in their respective venues; and to fulfill any other duties which normally fall to their departments.
The duties of the Council Advisors/Past President shall be to maintain a presence on the Star Riders of Ontario Internet site and forum in order to aid discussions especially among current full Council members. Council Advisors are those Councilors who were previously full Council members and desired to remain on the Council in an advisory capacity. Council Advisors shall be designated by a majority vote of full Councilors; however, Council Advisors have full voting privileges for the first year after they have resigned as full council members. If the Council Advisor/Past President remains on the Council after one full year has transpired since stepping down as a full member, they will be permitted to remain on the Council, but shall not be permitted to vote within the Council.
An annual revue of all council advisors will be conducted. Council advisors that no longer participate on a regular basis should be deemed inactive and releasing them from council should be considered. Council vote will determine the future status of said council advisors..

A new executive position of Past President has been adopted by this Council.

The Past President shall occupy that office until his/her successor(s) (next president) finishes their term. The Past President shall for the most part, but not be limited to consultation to the executive. The past president shall have 1 vote in matters in front of the executive.

In the event a president is removed from office, he/she cannot occupy the office of Past President

In the event a president resigns from office prior to serving a minimum two years, he/she cannot hold the office of Past President.

The office of the president may only be occupied by a member who has completed a minimum of two years as an officer of the SRO. The President shall be voted in by the current executive.

All executive offices shall be for a term of three years. An officer may shorten their term by 1 year, with a 3 month notice to the executive. If an officer wishes to maintain office for a second term, he/she must stand for election at the end of their current term.

Any officer may run for president during any election. In the event more then three officers seek the office of the President, a vote shall be completed by the general membership.

All members of the executive who are unable to perform their elected duties shall notify the President, in writing that they wish to stand down from their position. Standing down from their position does not constitute resignation from the Executive as a whole.

In the event that any member of the executive is failing to communicate with the executive as a whole, either in person, or by email, then that member shall be notified by the President that a response is required from them.

This response shall be required within 7 days of the official request. The response shall answer any outstanding issues put forward by the President and/or Executive members.

If there has been no response from the Executive Member within the required seven (7) days, then an official notice of Probation shall be issued by the Legal Counsel.

Once an executive member has been placed on Probation, they shall be required to respond to any requests from the President within 7 days. The Probation period shall be no longer than 45 days. If there has been no improvement in the performance of the Executive Member, they shall be asked to resign their position.

Failure to comply with the requirements of the position, or failure to communicate with the President on any issue, may result in that member receiving a Notice to Communicate. Failure to respond to the Notice to Communicate may result in that member being placed on Probation.

The Star Riders of Ontario Executive shall be filled by appointment, confirmed by a simple majority vote of existing Executive members. All offices are filled, and duties performed, on a volunteer basis with no compensation due any individual. Term of service shall be until terminated by either the office holder or by a simple majority vote of the Council.

This Constitution may be amended only by at least a 2/3 majority vote of Council members, and shall be followed by an appropriate notice to the general membership.

The ownership of the forum shall remain that of the President. The President shall appoint at minimum one other Executive member who shall have full access to the forum. Full access shall constitute the same authority as the owner of the forum. In the event the President resigns, the ownership of the forum shall be automatically transferred to the incoming President. The incoming President shall have the option of appointing their own alternative executive member as it relates to the ownership of the forum.

The forum manager shall have full access to the forum at all times.
Revision 9 – Effective February 2012
Northern Stars – Motorcycle Association
Canadian Chapter Policies and Other Helpful Guidelines
By forming a Canadian Provincial Chapter within the Northern Stars your Chapter Officers and members will need to understand the following policies and guidelines, which are beneficial to all.
Star Motorcycles are our rides of choice. And as such, all Northern Stars Presidents and Vice Presidents, national and provincial, must ride Star brand motorcycles.
2. All Provincial Chapters must adhere to the Copyright Information of the Northern Stars, available
Your Chapter may use the logo’s and images from the main Northern Stars website,
but they are not to be modified in any way without the expressed written permission of the
Northern Stars Executive Officers (NSR”O”s).
The logo’s and images are to be used only for website development and items such as non
sellable information packages or banners. This also applies to all custom Chapter logo’s, in whole
or in part, and images provided to you by the Northern Stars.
As you may know, the Northern Stars, as a Not-for Profit Society, has very limited operating funds
to cover website hosting, CMA insurance, event hosting such as our National Rally’s etc… And,
as such, the Officers (NSR”O”s) duly and respectfully request the following:
Northern Stars patches, rings, pins and stickers, or any other Northern Stars logo materials or
merchandise may not be reproduced and or sold by any person/s or by any Chapter.
However, the Northern Stars definitely encourages you and your Chapter to produce and sell
Chapter specific logo merchandise so that your Chapter may also raise operating funds.
3. The Northern Stars can (if you so choose) provide Small patches designed and made like the
present small Northern Stars “patch” with your provincial Chapter abbreviation letters inside the
presently incorporated “top banner”.
Your Chapter would or should charge its members the exact same price per patch as the
Northern Stars do for theirs.
Your Chapter would then pre-order the small patches for your Chapter members and once
monies are collected to fill a minimum order of 20 patches, you would then place the order (with
the Northern Stars) and pre-pay for the small Chapter patches at a reduced price. Contact us for
your costs and details.
Your Chapter benefits from this in many ways;
Your Chapter gets patches made “quickly”.
The Northern Stars identity is maintained throughout Canada.
The patch quality is maintained.
You save big dollars on artwork set-up fees.
You can order smaller quantities. (20 minimum) at big cost savings.
And, you get a few dollars per small patch for your Chapter account. .Revision 9 – Effective February 2012
4. Your Chapter / members may NOT place “ROCKERS” under or over the LARGE Northern Stars
“ patch”. It is Northern Stars Policy to not allow “ROCKERS” under LARGE patches to avoid
confrontation with the general public and other motorcycle groups who may interpret this as a
display of ownership of a specific territory. It is the Northern Stars policy to possibly revoke and or
disallow any Chapter Charter formed within the Northern Stars if this should occur. The Northern
Stars wish to avoid any such confrontation with other motorcyclists and the general public.
5. Not withstanding paragraphs 1 and 3 above, the Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia Chapters
have been granted written expressed permissions to vary the design of their Large patches. Their
patches have been slightly modified to reflect the regional wishes of their Chapter members. You
will notice however that their large patches still bear the resemblance of the large Northern Stars
patch, and for that we are all very grateful as people can still easily identify their members as
Northern Stars members throughout Canada.
National identity is paramount and as such, if your Chapter wishes to modify the large patch at its
own expense, you will require the same written expressed permission as stated in paragraph 1.
6. The Northern Stars have a large amount of domain web space available. We can provide your
Chapter with web space and an internal Canadian web address (sub domain like at a cost of $20 per year. All Chapters using our web space must
have respectable content as deemed and monitored by the NSR “O”s. Cheap…and easy…if you
so choose.
7. Your Chapter President and V.P. will be given direct access to a “private” forum for the Northern
Stars Executives. This forum is used for your Chapters’ direct private contact with the Officers
(NSR “O”s) of the Northern Stars.
8. Your Chapter Officers will also be given a list of current Northern Stars members in your area.
This list can then be used in good faith for your Chapter development. Please respect your
member’s privacy and use the list wisely. It is the responsibility of your Chapter Officers to ensure
your members’ information remains private, and that the information provided to you by the
Northern Stars is used wisely and not distributed without individual member consent.
9. Chapters always benefit from the support of the Northern Stars Officers and from the garnered
support from Yamaha Canada.
10. “All Chapters in Canada are accepted / approved by the Northern Stars. Currently, we are
accepting applications for those Provinces in Canada that do not have a Chapter. Also, we are
only approving one Chapter per Province or Territory.”
11. Chapters under the Northern Stars are not to charge membership fees.
12. No Northern Star National or Chapter Officer shall be an officer in another Motorcycle
We offer an open exemption for Fire/Police/Ambulance/Military based Motorcycle Clubs for all
positions except President & Vice President.
Anyone who is currently an officer of the Northern Stars and another group previous to March
1/09 you will not be forced to choose. You will be grandfathered / grandmothered at this point.
The exception to this grandfather / grandmother clause is for the President or Vice President
positions.Revision 9 – Effective February 2012
13. Non-star riding members will no longer require a sponsor to become a member of the Northern
Stars. The exception to this is in Quebec, where they have requested that non-star members
require a sponsor from a star riding member.
We are pleased to work with you while you set-up and continue to grow your Chapter. Feel totally free to
contact us if you have any questions or if you need clarification on any of the above policies and
guidelines. Let’s grow together as proud Northern Stars. A family like no other.
Patricia Norris
Director / President
Northern Stars – Motorcycle Association